Lyric McKerrigan, Secret Librarian is the best book about the importance of the task of Readers’ Advisory that I’ve ever read. It reads more like a comic book than picture book, but/and that’s likely to be a selling point for some readers. The story is simple. The evil Doctor Glockenspiel has a plan to destroy the world’s books. Who can stop him and his evil henchmen? Lyric McKerrigan! The fun thing about the story is that our secret librarian takes down Dr. Glockenspiel by always having the right book recommendations. If you’ve got a security guard who is watching the cameras, what better way to get his eyes off the screen than a book about his favorite hobby?

It’s got a number of small lessons in there about how to deal with problems better than using violence but the most important lesson is the one that says “hey, if you’re in a sticky situation, there is a book that can help you.”

How To Be A Lion is a good book for those who might be described as odd ducks. It’s about Leonard the Lion who doesn’t want to be all of the things that everybody says lions have to be like. He doesn’t want to be fierce and all that. He’s a much more gentle soul. And this is a short, sweet story about how that is okay. If you liked Zootopia and want a book with a similar-ish theme, you should pick this one up.

They don’t get into what Leonard eats. If anything.

Last, but not least, The Troublemaker (be sure to get the one with the kid with the paper hat and the toy sword on the cover and not the one with the half-naked bodybuilder). A simple and straightforward story about a mischievous young man whose mischief results in nobody believing him when he’s actually good (or, at least, not being bad). Which is bad because there is a racoon running around being even more mischievous than should be possible.

This is a good one for reading aloud.

So… what are you reading and/or watching?

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