Tech Tuesday- 10/2 – Nuclear Pasta, and Other Changes

Tech Tuesday

There will be some changes coming soon to the morning line-up at Ordinary Times forthcoming, including some exciting news about Tech Tuesday. For now, enjoy today’s edition with everything from luxury yachts to manta rays to returning to the moon.

Tech Tuesday- 10/2 – Nuclear Pasta, and Other Changes

TT1 Using light and sound to see into our bodies.

TT2 This is essentially a large scale CNC shop that is packable. Need a custom form or part for the construction job? No need to wait for a custom fabrication shop to get the order, queue it up, produce it, and deliver it.

TT3 Building a luxury yacht, 3 years in 5 minutes.

TT4 Simulating an avalanche.

TT5 Keeping cool with magnetic fields and shape memory alloys, instead of refrigerants.

TT6 Instead of trying to prevent ice buildup, encourage ice to buildup in places it can’t do any harm.

TT7 TESS takes a look at the southern sky.

TT8 Cheap strips of metal (like $10) can clean pollutants from a ton of contaminated water in minutes.

TT9 I’m linking this solely because, “Nuclear Pasta“. (It’s worth reading besides that)

TT10 What could be worse than plastic straws?

TT11 Space net gun captures space debris.

TT12 Japan has launched a baby space elevator. Japan has also landed a probe on an asteroid.

TT13 A battery that turns CO2 into solid Carbon.

TT14 A new attempt to make the Star Trek Tricoder.

TT15 An interactive, helmet mounted HUD.

TT16 NASA has a plan to get back to the moon.

TT17 Manta Rays have a unique filter feeding system that can help us make better filters.

TT18 Pew Pew Pew-ing space junk.

TT19 Yellowcake (Uranium) has been extracted from seawater using acrylic yarn.

TT20 Ammonia as shipping fuel.


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