Rescue: Kids vs Pythons

We had a snake in our back yard the other day that fascinated our older dog. I had to pick her up and bring her back inside. That snake, however, was nothing compared to this one:


What jumps out at me is how fast that snake is for something that kills so slowly. Gotta be fast to catch them in the first place, I guess.

Also, python vs crocodile… who do you even root for here?

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One thought on “Rescue: Kids vs Pythons

  1. My SIL has a python, a species that doesn’t get very big. My granddaughters are growing up knowing how to handle it. So long as it has been fed relatively recently, it crawls up and around them, looking for warm places. OTOH, when they put it in the feeding enclosure and drop a live mouse in with it, there’s just this blur as the python goes from looking at the mouse to having a firm grip with its jaws and a couple of coils thrown around it. All one amazingly fast motion.

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