Hurricane Michael (Live Thread)

With Hurricane Michael now on the precipice of making landfall, and with dangerous weather not only expected but ongoing and certain to continue, we wanted to try using this space as a thread for updates about the storm. This thread will be updated from the top, so that the most recent updates are at the top of the post, beneath this explained.

Update 10: 4:34pm Eastern Time (SEW)

Video and stills from the Florida coast shows incredible storm surge and corresponding destruction.


Update 9: 2:50pm Eastern Time (SEW)

At least one wind gust of 128mph has now been reported. Tornado watches are being issued throughout parts of Florida and Georgia.


Update 8: 1:51pm Eastern Time (SEW)

Hurricane Michael is now being reported as one of the strongest storms to the United States, period, with no qualifications being offered on where it is hitting. It was previously being contextualized with regard for other Gulf hurricanes. It is now beyond that.


Update 7: 1:37pm Eastern Time (SEW)

These seem bad.


Update 6: 1:17pm Eastern Time (SEW)

Hurricane Michael’s pressure as of two hours ago had been measured at 928 millibars, with lower pressure being considered more dangerous. That meant Michael was being measured close to, but still higher, both Hurricanes Andrew (922) and Katrina (920). However, Michael is measuring at 919 millibars; the storm is making landfall now.


Update 5: 12:49pm Eastern Time (SEW)

Hurricane Michael, which is now making landfall, has sustained winds above 150mph. This bolsters all previous claims about the storm’s incredible strength.

Meanwhile, video is starting to come in that captures the wind, the rain, and the surge. It is extremely daunting.

Update 4: 11:44am Eastern Time (SEW)

There is nothing good about reports like this.

SGI is St. Georges Island. It is in the middle of the storm.

Update 3: 11:13am Eastern Time (SEW)

Forecasters are now projecting that Hurricane Michael will be among the top ten strongest storms to have made landfall in the United States. This projection is based on the storm’s measured pressure.

Subsequent reports have the storm’s pressure continuing to drop. In essence, this means the storm is getting more powerful as it approaches land.

Update 2: 10:07am Eastern Time (SEW)

Florida’s government is now warning residents that it is too late to flee the strengthening storm, recommending that everybody in its path now shelter in place. The storm remains on track to be among the most devastating to ever hit Florida’s Gulf Coast.

The storm’s current winds are at 145mph which rates Michael as a Category 4. For those wondering, 157mph or higher is necessary for a Category 5 rating.

Forecasters, meanwhile, are continuing to not mess around about what they are seeing:


Update 1: 9:16am Eastern Time (SEW)

Hurricane Michael did not exactly come out of nowhere – forecasters were worried about it earlier this week – but its sudden increase in intensity, coupled with its current tracking, has meteorologists describing the storm as one of the strongest they have ever seen.

The storm’s winds are now at 140 miles per hour, which makes it stronger than any storm that has ever previously hit this part of the country. Among the things feeding the storm’s growth are the current weather conditions. They are, in a word, perfect for creating a monstrous storm.


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