Linky Friday: Midterms 2018


“Half of the American people have never read a newspaper. Half never voted for President. One hopes it is the same half.”
– Gore Vidal

Linky Friday: Midterms 2018

“Let’s get this over with.” – most political writers about the 2018 midterms


polling place, Bronx, NYC

[MT1] Here’s What You Need To Know About The upcoming Elections In Virginia.

[Mt2] Contentious senate race expected to drive voter turnout for North Dakota midterms.

[Mt3] Why final push by Braun, Donnelly in Indiana could determine party control of U.S. Senate.

[Mt4] Missouri: On the ballot are the Senate race between incumbent Democrat Sen. Claire McCaskill and Republican Attorney General Josh Hawley, a competitive state auditor’s race and a host of ballot initiatives on medical marijuana, the minimum wage and ethics reform.

[Mt5] Everything to know about The New Jersey 2018 Midterm Elections.

[Mt6] National figures head to West Virginia days before election.

[Mt7] Here are key Arizona races in 100 words or less.

[Mt8] Nevada’s diverse landscapes and lifestyles guide voters ahead of the midterm elections.

[Mt9] Money is pouring into Florida at the last minute as Trump and Obama battle to sway midterm voters.

[Mt10] Poll shows Tester with slight lead over Rosendale in Montana’s U.S. Senate race.

[Mt11] What we know about the Texas midterm elections as early voting ends, and what we don’t.

[Mt12] Tennessee midterm elections: Who is running and why is it a key state to watch?

[Mt13] Georgia Governors race: Deadlocked Abrams-Kemp race could trigger runoff.

[Mt14] Counter to popular opinion: ‘News deserts’ leave voters hungry for news and information ahead of midterms.

[Mt15] These 4 states have Marijuana Ballot Initiatives In The 2018 Midterms, so here’s what to know.

[Mt16] A guide to major ballot measures in the 2018 midterm elections.

[Mt17] Senate race tops $100 million with latest filings from Ted Cruz and Beto O’Rourke, with the money roughly 60/40 Beto.

[Mt18] It’s Time to Retire the Phrase, ‘This Is the Most Important Election …’

[Mt19] Vote or forever hold your peace. This really IS the most important election of your life.

[Mt20] No, this isn’t the most important election of your lifetime.

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23 thoughts on “Linky Friday: Midterms 2018

  1. Mt20: I don’t get opinion pieces like this. Anybody who even pays the smallest attention to politics should be able to determine that people across the political spectrum believe that the world is in a state of flux. From a left-liberal perspective, we have Far Right populists movements winning elections across the democratic globe. We have the President of the United States arguing that he can change the Constitution by royal degree. There is unprecedented levels of interference in voting rights by Republicans to maintain power. The right side of politics is animated by what they are animated about.

    But then you get opinion pieces like this that ignore everything that is happening because of some statistics. These are economics above all people that hate politics. They just want it all to go away.

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      • What I find interesting and disturbing is the number of conservatives who are smart enough to figure out how to grift other fellow travelers but seemingly also believe in the Kool-Aid.

        There is a part of me that wants to believe that they are trolling and scamming but they might have thought they could really get away with this or calculated that getting caught did not matter for wingnut welfare.

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        • I actually have seen smarter right-leaning people on specific message boards basically upset that the Democrat’s in charge of campaigns actually believe in the Democratic Party as opposed to most people in charge of the post-Citizen’s United GOP fundraising arm, which largely exist as a way to bilk senior citizens out of money.

          I forget the exact numbers, but an immense amount of money that might’ve actually helped the GOP in other elections have basically gone to scams as opposed to Democrat’s. Now, Democratic operatives might be incompetent at times, but unlike the GOP operatives, they aren’t straight bilking people out of their cash.

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    • I suspect he’s after a pardon.

      He’s the one the SEC barred from ever trading again, due to some light felony action a few years ago.

      Which led to the best part of that little “news conference” wherein Berkman was praising Wohl as being a “prodigy and genius like Mozart” (something like that) and someone in the audience shouted “You can’t even open an eTrade account!”.

      Unless I’ve reversed them.

      In any case, they’re tripling down on the stupid.

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