Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg hospitalized after fall in her office

From USA Today:

WASHINGTON – Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is in the hospital after falling in her office Wednesday night, the Court announced in a statement on Thursday.

Ginsburg, 85, went home after the fall but continued to experience “discomfort overnight” and went to George Washington Hospital early Thursday. Tests revealed she fractured three ribs and she “was admitted for observation and treatment,” according to the statement

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13 thoughts on “Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg hospitalized after fall in her office

  1. Does anyone have any views on why Ginsberg is the one who became the “Notorious RBG?” There are three women on the court and Sotomayor is the most consistently left-leaning and perhaps the most vociferous dissenter. Why has Ginsberg become the icon?

    Is it just because she’s the longest serving of the women? Or is just the way the pop culture stars lined up?

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  2. RBG is amazing. For those not familiar, she pulled a genius move to get the court to be willing to pay attention to and hear a sex discrimination case: she brought it on behalf of a man!
    She got the holding she needed, setting a legal precedent that would necessarily be applicable to women.

    But yeah, I think it’s the three initials, especially the G on the end.

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