If You See This

You are on the other side of the conversion. You are free to comment as you like.

Sorry for anything you lost.

Update!!!!: I have access to what occurred before the changeover. If you have a comment you believe is worthy of resurrection, let me know and I will go track it down and reproduce it.

Update2: We’re getting some certification errors. The site has migrated but some of the certifications haven’t. All will be right in due time, most likely by the evening of the 29th.

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20 thoughts on “If You See This

      • He probably did, but the rest of the internet seems to have fixed itself… I’m still not seeing new posts when I click through RSS feed… and what’s odd about that is still don’t see them after I refresh site.

        So, I can see and read a new comment in RSS, but OT doesn’t show me the post.

        Google Chrome, cookies flushed, intermittent behavior… good luck with that. :-)

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