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  1. Johnson clarifies:

    “I wasn’t suggesting that the island of Guam would literally tip over,” said Johnson. “I was using a metaphor to say that with the addition of 8,000 Marines and their dependents – an additional 80,000 people during peak construction to the port on the tiny island with a population of 180,000 – could be a tipping point which would adversely affect the island’s fragile ecosystem and over burden its already overstressed infrastructure.

    “Having traveled to Guam last year, I saw firsthand how this beautiful – but vulnerable – island is already overburdened, and I was simply voicing my concerns that the addition of that many people could tip the delicate balance and do harm to Guam.”

    Stay thirsty, my friend.

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  2. This part concerns (though does not surprise) me

    REP. JOHNSON: Very small island and about 24 miles, if I recall, long, 24 miles long, about seven miles wide at the least widest place on the island and about 12 miles wide on the widest part of the island. And I don’t know how many square miles that is. Do you happen to know?

    Apparently no one at the meeting knew enough geometry to say “What the hell, call it 230.” (Actually 209, sez Wikipedia.)

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