____, baby, ____!

Sarah Palin: “Stall, baby, stall“. This is, of course, a variation on, “Drill, baby, drill!” That seems to be a variation of “Burn, baby, burn!” which has always struck me as strange, since the saying was probably coined by Maoist radical Bill Epton, who was arrested (for “criminal anarchy”!) for saying it in 1964 prior to the Harlem riots. It is also widely associated with the Watts riots in 1965. Or is everybody just trying to refer to “Disco Inferno” (which refers to Bill Epton)?

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  1. Let me repeat that last year I made my screen debut in a horror movie entitled “Slime City Massacre”. Also that I own a closet full of kung-fu videos.

    Actually, the embarrassing thing about that tweet is I really read it on Andrew Sullivan, but was reluctant to admit that since he’s been taking such a drubbing here! O Sully, why hast I forsaken thee?

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