Party All the Time

Because it’s Thursday and Thursday is 80’s night at a bar somewhere, it’s totally fitting to post this awesome retro Eddie Murphy music video. I’m so glad I lived in almost total ignorance of the world around me during the 80’s. Music and comedy after the leap…

Murphy is a lot better when he’s making fun of other peoples’ music.

I was listening to our local ‘classic hip-hop’ radio station the other day and caught a Tupac song (I Ain’t Mad At Cha) and immediately thought of this Chappelle show sketch. I’m posting it now because you know, Charlie Murphy was on the Chappelle Show and Charlie is Eddie’s brother, and well… That’s how these things work.

Chappelle’s Show
Tupac is Still Alive
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And, for good measure…

Seriously, though, I don’t think Tupac is dead.

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