What Would Freud Think of This: Golf Edition

I guess this is inevitable, but seriously FoxSports WTF?  Do you have to headline Tiger Woods’ round of golf today as:  “Turned On: Tiger Works His Mojo To Climb Into Contention.”  Seriously?  I followed the link into the piece which is titled:  “Tiger Woods surges into contention“.  The second line tells us about his “sloppy bogeys.”  Lord Almighty, how many more sexual euphemisms can we, er….ram into this article Foxsports?  I mean why not just call it  Round 3 of The US Open:  Tiger Woods Hit That.

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5 thoughts on “What Would Freud Think of This: Golf Edition

  1. Sexual euphemisms aren’t exactly uncommon in sports article titles/highlights. Tiger being Tiger in Tiger’s current circumstances does make it seem all the more ridiculous, but I think that’s just illustrated by the perspective; the underlying ridiculousness is what it is, regardless of the particular sports figure. That said:

    “I mean why not just call it Round 3 of The US Open: Tiger Woods Hit That.”

    I’d totally watch that, just because the title would be so over-the-top it crosses from the ridiculous to the hilarious.

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