12 thoughts on “And You Thought That French McDonald’s Ad Was Edgy

    • @North,

      The cat is male. Though the French narration isn’t in the first person (unlike the subtitles), there’s still not much doubt.

      Sure, neither male nor female cats shave, but every gender clue about that animal suggests it’s male. It’s one of those rare cases where I really, really hope we’re talking about furries, and not about anything else.

      The guy at the end is nice though.

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  1. Maybe if I were French and came from that cultural background the commercial would appeal to me. Oh, and if I were gay that would help too.

    French and gay, yes.

    Oh, and into f****ing cats. Gay french cats. You know, instead of other human beings.

    Now that I really think it through, this is a REALLY narrow demographic Orangina is going after here.

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