Retirement at 30

It was nice to see Br. Freddie back this week at the League.  Something that seems fitting given what I am about to say.

I have already told the rest of the Ordinary Gents (and Lady) but to the readers a quick note to say that I’ve handed in my (e)retirement.  I now, like Freddie before me, enter “alumnus” status, and perhaps like Freddie on occasion will make a brief return visit or two in the future.

My new work in church life is dominating nearly all of my time and whatever time I have left for blogging I want to focus more on church/religious community formation issues as well as my other writing project (Beams and Struts).  It’s been a wonderful experience and a real honor to be a part of this site.

The site has certainly exceeded my expectations.  Thanks to the readers, the commenters, and to Erik for being webmaster.

I think the addition over the last few months of our new batch of writers has put the site in a position of great strength going forward and I wish The League all the best going forward.



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