O rule of law, where art thou?

The ursine and passionate Andrew Sullivan emerges from his recent hibernation today with a must-read post about yesterday’s “State Secrets” ruling. Sullivan:

“Yes war requires some secrecy. But Obama has gone much further than this now. The cloak of secrecy he is invoking is not protecting national security but protecting war crimes. And this is now inescapably his cloak.”

Whether you agree or disagree, it’s worth reading in full.

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One thought on “O rule of law, where art thou?

  1. Of course, Sullivan’s despair is rather far behind the curve, as Greenwald has noted, because in terms of the “Prince’s” predilection, the action in question – claiming the privilege was undertaken many months ago, whether Sullivan cared to draw such dire conclusions from it or not. The interesting thing here is that a federal court has now endorsed the claim, which in my view rather more throws into doubt how perplexing the claim should have been to begin with, not confirms or heightens the same, though by no means do I think either the claim nor its granting are not themselves perplexing.

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