Linky Friday: Mental Health

mental health

“About a third of my cases are suffering from no clinically definable neurosis, but from the senselessness and emptiness of their lives. This can be defined as the general neurosis of our times.”
– Carl Gustav Jung

Linky Friday: Mental Health

[GB1] What is ‘hangxiety?’ When drinking to overcome social anxiety backfires the day after.

[GB2] New brain circuit that controls anxiety found

[GB3] Black children are suffering higher rates of depression and anxiety. What’s going on?

[GB4] Anxiety Is Our New Religion

[GB5] Depression Can Be Hard To Talk About, So Farmers Turn To Twitter For Support

[GB6] Regular trips out guard against depression in old age

[GB7] 300 years of storms: The evolution of the language of depression

[GB8] It’s despair, not depression, that’s responsible for Indigenous suicide

[GB9] McKenzie Adams Suicide: Everything We Know About The Heartbreaking Story Of 9-Year-Old Who TooK Her Own Life

[GB10] The boy on the bridge: A 12-year-old tried to kill himself, police say. Instead, he killed someone else.

[GB11] VA Struggles Unlock The Reasons Behind High Risk Of Suicide Among Older Veterans

[GB12] Social Media Is Ruining Our Minds—It Also Might Save Them

[GB13] Kaiser mental health workers explain why they’re striking

[GB14] Oregon may require middle, high schoolers undergo annual mental health exams

[GB15] Being detained under the Mental Health Act drove me to improve care

[GB16] Even with insurance, getting mental health treatment is a struggle in Mass., study says[GB17]

[GB18] Military units to reunite for mental health support in new VA pilot to prevent suicide

[GB19] AI can predict mental health issues from your Instagram posts. But should it?

[GB20] The Administration of Mental Health

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10 thoughts on “Linky Friday: Mental Health

  1. The reason we are living in a world of anxiety is because life is naturally tough and we have bunch of powerful people determined to increase the toughness artificially. It causes pain to everybody else.

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    • Two thoughts:

      Saying that “we live in a world of anxiety” is like saying that we live in a world of obesity. Yes, some people are obese and maybe the ratio is going up, but lots of people are in fine or very good shape, either because they were blessed with high metabolism or because they do the work needed to stay healthy.

      And if anxiety is increasing, maybe it’s because people are continually constructing stories about how most of their problems are the fault of some other group of people, instead of doing the work what needs to be done to change things.

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  2. Minneapolis City Council overwhelmingly passed the Minneapolis 2040 plan that defenestrates exclusionary zoning. In addition to authorizing enormously higher density in many regions of the city and along transit corridors the 2040 plan also included a blanket authorization of triplexes city wide.
    I am FEASTING on NIMBY tears right now!

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