Linky Friday: Merry and Bright


Linky Friday: Merry and Bright

[MB1] I Spent a Year Wrestling With the Metaphysics of The Muppet Christmas Carol

[MB2] Bleak house: the dark truth behind Charles Dickens’ Christmas obsession

[MB3] Merry Christmas, Don Corleone

[MB4] Netflix Now Owns Christmas TV, Too

[MB5] Vintage photos of a ‘Merry Christmas’ in N.J.

[MB6] A Weed Grows In Toledo, And Residents Hang Their Christmas Hopes Upon It

[MB7] How was Utah’s first Christmas Day observed? By working, of course

[MB8] Canada’s Christmas Tree in a Bottle

[MB9] The Monumental Push Behind Getting That Package Delivered By Christmas

[MB10] Christmas Facts and Trivia

[MB11] Why social media is killing Christmas

[MB12] Die Hard gets remixed as ‘The Greatest Christmas Story’ ever told

[MB13] 17 old photos of LA’s grandest department stores decked out for Christmas

[MB14] How Queen Victoria and Prince Albert Made Christmas Trees a Holiday Staple

[MB15] America’s Most Glorious Christmas Trees

[MB16] A journey through Europe’s historic Christmas markets

[MB17] How Many Americans Celebrate Hanukkah? It’s More Than You Think

[MB18] Wellness: Coping with Estrangement Over the Holidays

[MB19] Today is one of the eight sacred Celtic holidays of the year

[MB20] When the Christmas Plant Was a Pepper, Not a Poinsettia

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