Ordinary Sunday Brunch: Culture Links


Ordinary Sunday Brunch

Music Links

[Mu1] HMV: The rise and fall of a music icon

[Mu2] Music lyrics are getting angrier, sadder over time, study finds

[Mu3] Woodstock: 50th anniversary festival to be held at original site

[Mu4] Turning LEGO Blocks into Music with OpenCV

[Mu5] U. researchers: Alzheimer’s patients can benefit from familiar music

Art Links

[Ar1] The Pursuit of Art, 2018: The creation and interpretation of art remains an anchor and a refuge, a sanctuary for vanishing ideals.

[Ar2] Remembering Sister Wendy Beckett, Beloved Nun Who Made Art Accessible

[Ar3] African Nations Ask for Their Art to Be Returned

[Ar4] “Sophisticated” Art Collectors Are Facing Less Sympathetic Courts

History Links

[Hi1] U.S. Army’s only all-female, African American WWII unit honored with monument

[Hi2] Five Amazing Things We Learned About History From Ancient DNA In 2018

[Hi3] Teacher deployed political collection to make history come alive

[Hi4] A High-Flying History of Champagne, Hot-Air Balloons, and French Farmers

Food Links

[Fo1] The Timeless Bliss of Eating Hometown Food

[Fo2] Video: Medieval peasant food was frigging delicious

[Fo3] TV chef in hot water after ‘horsesh-t’ Chinese food diss

[Fo4] Research into how plants respond to microgravity could help grow food in space

[Fo5] Why We Drink Champagne on New Year’s Eve

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