Ordinary Sunday Brunch


Ordinary Sunday Brunch

Music Links

[Mu1] 2018, According to Rolling Stone: “Rap’s New Generation Took Over, Rock Ruled the Road and Radio Still Mattered, and more trends that defined the year in music”

[Mu2] Out of Silence, the Music of Meditation: “An audience member told the musicians that, for him, ‘the most special thing was the silence before and after you played. There was anticipation without expectation.’”

[Mu3] One of the most tumultuous years of the 20th century also produced some of its greatest popular music. And it’s not just baby boomers who are nostalgic for the sounds of their youth: Even to people born decades later, the music of 1968 stands out.

[Mu4] Lifetime digs into R. Kelly’s sexual predatory behavior in six-part documentary ‘Surviving R. Kelly’

[Mu5] How A Mongolian Heavy Metal Band Got Millions Of YouTube Views

Art Links

[Ar1] Removed in secret, hidden for years, Philly school’s art collection belongs in the public eye, officials now say

[Ar2] Maine artist known for Stephen King illustrations debuts art for ‘Bird Box’

[Ar3] Art show at Waikiki hotel displays “old Hawaii”: A Waikiki hotel offers a free public exhibit of the work of American painter and printmaker John Melville Kelly, whose work depicting Polynesians often likens him to Tahiti’s Gauguin.

[Ar4] BBC art expert reveals rare painting worth thousands of pounds was destroyed by his cat

History Links

[Hi1] Telling the History of the U.S. Through Its Territories: In “How to Hide an Empire,” Daniel Immerwahr explores America far beyond the borders of the Lower 48.

[Hi2] A wooden mallet with a colorful history of being shattered: Throughout American history, speakers of the House have pounded their gavels so hard in search of order that they wind up smashing the gavel itself into smithereens.

[Hi3] History Majors Are Becoming a Thing of the Past, Except in the Ivy League: In the last decade, the number of students majoring in history at the nation’s colleges has plummeted, and it seemingly has nothing to do with the job market.

[Hi4] 8 things you may not know about British history: Most of us are familiar with British history’s landmark events: the Roman invasion, the battle of Hastings, Magna Carta, the Reformation and so forth. But what about the overlooked, lesser-known moments?

Food Links

[Fo1] Through Food Art, Asian-Americans Stop ‘Pushing Heritage To The Back Burner’

[Fo2] The Norwegian Art of the Pack Lunch: Today the matpakke is much more than just an insipid open sandwich; it’s a national institution, and an understated source of cultural pride.

[Fo3] Many People Who Claim to Have a Food Allergy Actually Don’t

[Fo4] Dealing with a ‘food desert’: USA NIAGARA: Expansion of healthy food options in city being explored

[Fo5] How A Memphis Food Hall Is Transforming Refugee Lives And The Community

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