“T.I. just happened to be in the right place at the right time.”

So I guess Atlanta rapper T.I. may be going back to jail soon, but at least he got to do a little bit of police-negotiator work before his hearing:

“Police were trying to talk the man, who appeared to be about 25 years old, from jumping from the 22-floor Colony Square building when Harris “appeared out of nowhere,” [the police spokesman] said. . . . Harris offered to help convince the man that “life’s not that bad,” a proposal that police accepted. . .”

I wish more of our celebrities would do random acts of heroism.

(Hat tip: A/V Club)

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3 thoughts on ““T.I. just happened to be in the right place at the right time.”

  1. Good for T.I, but does it strike anyone else as strange that the police would let someone completely untrained act in this role? Imagine their liability if Harris had (innocently) said the wrong thing and the guy had jumped .

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  2. Brush with celebrity for me: this was across the street from my office and I walked past the building and saw the guy milling around on the roof of the building while the police were starting to shut the street down.
    Speculation is rampant down here in the ATL that this was a stunt.
    T.I. apparently called into a very popular radio station to communicate to the police that he wanted to help this guy. I can say the guys was up there for several hours before he was talked down and I think it’s likely he didn’t want to jump.

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