Game of Thrones Bookclub: A Plan of Books

If my calculations are correct, we should be finished with Chapter 28, the sixth Eddard chapter, by tomorrow when we post a discussion.

For a list of all chapters, go here.

We will need to pick up the pace if we want to finish this book before Dance with Dragons is released on the 12th. There are 73 chapters, and we’ve read 28 leaving 45 to go. Today is the 16th, meaning we have 26 days until the next book hits shelves. Let’s plan the last post of the first book to roll out on the 11th of July, a Monday.

So the schedule will be:

  • June 17th – 22nd: Chapters 29 – 40 (Catelyn V – Eddard X) Discussion posted on the 23rd
  • June 23rd – 30th: Chapters 41 – 52 (Catelyn VII – Sansa IV) Discussion posted on the 1st
  • July 1st – 6th: Chapters 53 – 64 (Daenerys VI – Catelyn X) Discussion posted on the 7th
  • July 7th – 11th: Chapters 65 – 73 (Daenerys VIII – Daenerys X) Discussion posted on the 12th

This will get us through the book by the time Dance is released. I think we need to basically run two book clubs at that point. We’ll take a short break before delving into Clash of Kings so that people can read and discuss Dance with Dragons.

Then we’ll take up Clash and continue on our merry way. After getting through Clash, Storm, and Feast we’ll have a second group-wide discussion of Dance.

Also, going forward I will post spoiler threads for each discussion. This means we can always have two separate discussions. We can talk about the chapters so far in one thread, and muse about the larger story in the spoiler thread.

Sound good?

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6 thoughts on “Game of Thrones Bookclub: A Plan of Books

  1. The paperbacks arrived yesterday! Woohoo! This will help me keep track of where we are.

    (For all the talk of eBooks, I like to have a physical copy of books that I’ve read. So when I like an audiobook, I typically get the paperback as well. I think eBooks would kind of defeat part of the purpose because, if I liked the book, I would want to get a physical copy.)

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