If you like offensive shoot outs and you’re not watching the Rose Bowl now, you really should.  At this rate someone’s going to win 102-101.

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30 thoughts on “QUACK!!!

  1. ‘grats to Oregon, game well played.

    Now that the most exciting of the bowl games is over…let’s prepare for the yawnfest that’ll be the BCS championship… What’s the expected score line? 6-3?

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  2. I ended up missing the second half between feeding the toddler, cleaning up, eating our own dinner and putting her to bed. I’m still conflicted on whether or not I am sorry I missed it. By all accounts it was really exciting, but I still take the fortunes of my alma mater much too seriously.

    Plus, those helmets. The Ducks’ victory proves the football gods are not who we think they are.

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