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“Twitter is social networking for the postapocalypse, a Spartan chatsystem for survivalists suffering from a radical scarcity of face-to-face information. There’s a reason so many zombie enthusiasts tweet. But until we are legend, Twitter is mostly a great way to kill five minutes. Despite the supposed death of the newspaper at the hands of changed reading habits, Twitter functions best as a sort of YouBroadsheet. As Facebook has unglamorously learned, the joy of converging by tweet on a common location is of essence rarer, thinner, and more redundant than that of sitting down over breakfast and scrolling through the day’s — or last night’s — news of your world.”  ~ James Poulos at his new digs

I must say, I still can’t get the appeal of Twitter – or the appeal of trying to make Twitter appealing or metaphysically relevant.  Guess I’m just behind the times….

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  1. This might be the first time I’ve been inclined to agree with James on anything, ever.

    For me the only – and pretty much exclusive – appeal of Twitter is that the character limit acts as an incentive to not overthink, which I have a tendency to do to the point of blog paralysis. Which is why I still haven’t made a single substantive post.

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