Confusion followed by Mild Panic followed by Understanding

It looks like Dennis Kucinich has lost his Congressional Seat in Ohio.

As it turns out, it’s due to a redistricting and Republicans merged his seat with Marcy Kaptur’s and she won the primary… and the possibility exists that he’s going to run for Congress again in Washington (which has a new open seat). So it’s not exactly a sea change in the heartland.


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12 thoughts on “Confusion followed by Mild Panic followed by Understanding

  1. Because representing metropolitan Toledo, metropolitan Cleveland and a sliver along the northern coast should be easy. Toledo and Cleveland are basically the same, right? &*($%ing gerrymandering. As a Toledoan, I preferred to be represented by the woman whose office is down the hall from me and not by the guy from Cleveland. I imagined the people of Cleveland felt the same way about Marcy. I was surprised she won since Kucinich is also probably better known in Toeldo than Marcy is in Cleveland.

    The upside to this is that the Republicans are running Joe the Plumber as their candidate. Marcy should be able to easily swat him like a fly. I’d be a bit more afraid of some sort of ideological freak show if he was facing Kucinich.

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