“What’chu talking ’bout, Willis?”

When I was growing up there was a period when the above phrase was uttered by everyone, all the time.  I’ve seen similar things happen to, among others, “Show me the money!,” “Time to make the donuts!,” “Where’s the beef?,” and “Sit on it!” In fact, there was once a time when America always had some new catchphrase that acted as both a marker in time and a kind of glue that brought together all segments of our society.  Now with a four hundred TV channels, a near infinite number of web sites, Netflix, and advertisers creating different ads for every different medium, those days seem gone forever.

But I say we don’t need some multi-media conglomerate to come up with America’s Newest Catchphrase.  I say we’re just as capable as anyone to come up with the catch-all phrase that takes the country – nay, the world – by storm and brands this time as ours. It can be a quote from a movie, book, TV show or ad, or it could be something you just made up. It doesn’t have to make sense or even have context, because back in the day people just said the newest catchphrase just to say it – sometimes it fit in the conversation, sometimes it didn’t.

So I put the question out to the hive mind: What should America’s Newest Catchphrase be?


A few suggestions just to get the ball rolling:

“It puts the lotion on its skin”

“So I tied an onion to my belt, which was the style at the time.”

“I’m a Bieleber!”



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44 thoughts on ““What’chu talking ’bout, Willis?”

  1. The favorite at our workplace is “I ain’t sayin’ … but I’m just sayin‘ ”


    “Yeah, s/he’s a buhgenius”
    (to express that absurd pride we feel in our small children when they reach milestones slightly early)



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  2. I am going to exploit the “it doesn’t have to make sense” allowance and see what my subconscious dredges up…

    “Do you have those in suede?”

    “I fry mine in lard!”

    “Well, that’s the last time I buy discounted sushi.”

    “That reminds me of Model UN.”

    “I’m doing my part.  I drive a Prius.”

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  3. those days seem gone forever.

    I’m not sure if this is true. Consider Tod, that you’re 40+ years old. I’m sure kids nowadays have all sorts of new lingo that they all use all the time. The reason why you dont think there is any new catchphrase is because you are not a teen anymore and therefore not hip, cool or with it or whatever phrase kidss are using it nowadays.

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