Leaguefest 2012: Reservations Still Available

If you have not already made plans to do so, please take a moment this week to solidfy your arrangements to attend Leaguefest 2012 and join the dozen or so of your colleagues here. It’s in Las Vegas, so you can’t go wrong for fun things to do. Memorial Day weekend — May 25 through May 28 — is sneaking up on us fast. Come and meet your fellow Ordinary Gentlemen (and Gentleladies or Gentlepersons or Gentleneutrallygenderedfolk, if you prefer) in real life!

We’ll be at the LVH Hotel (formerly the Las Vegas Hilton). Our group rate of $79 per night for a deluxe room is secured through April 25, 2012. Call (800) 635-7711 and advise that you are registering for “The League of Ordinary Gentlemen.” Our group reservations code is SGGCM2. I’ve received word that making the reservation through a travel aggregator (that’s a site like travelocity or priceline) or through Vegas.com will not guarantee the group rate — contact the hotel directly.

Friday night, May 25, we’ll be gathering at the Space Bar, which is located near the monorail station on the casino floor. Saturday night, May 26, we’ll meet at TJ’s Steakhouse for a sumptuous dinner featuring big-ass hunks o’ red meat. And, um, cocktails. Plenty of them. What could possibly go wrong? Don’t worry, we’re all heavier than our gravatar pictures, and we’re looking forward to seeing you!

Addendum from Will Truman: I am in the market for a roommate, if anyone is interested. I have a two-bed, non-smoking room.

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35 thoughts on “Leaguefest 2012: Reservations Still Available

  1. No go this time, but maybe in the future.  *Trying* to plan a house warming for Memorial Day, plus I’m already going to Vegas for a race in October and am trying to swing a work conference there in the summer*.  Three trips in a year makes wifey no happy.

    * Yes, there is an annual Kindergarten teacher conference held in Vegas every summer.  Go figure.

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  2. I’m still trying to find a way to swing this, but a recent economic windfall has been eaten entirely by the need for an excavation of part of the yard and a rebuilt deck.

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  3. I just RSVPed “yes.” !

    If there’s anyone else driving out from Los Angeles or Orange County, and wants to share a ride, let me know.

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