A Dozen Ordinary Gentlemen Walk Into A Casino…

Leaguefest 2012 is a go! Roughly a dozen of us will meet, live and in person, in Las Vegas, in less than three weeks! On Friday night, May 25, we will gather at the SpaceQuest Bar of the LVH (formerly the Las Vegas Hilton) next to the monorail station.* If you can, wear the LoOG trademark bowler hat! Saturday evening, we’ll be feasting on delicious steaks together. You can still join even if you’ve not yet confirmed — just please let me know before May 25, so I can finalize our restaurant arrangements and get you a seat — a big dinner party on a holiday weekend requires some advance logistics.  Make your room reservations at (800) 635-7711 and please drop the blog’s name when you do. See you in Las Vegas, fellow Ordinaries!

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  1. The main reason I use a pseudonym is because “Scott” was already claimed when I got here. If anyone calls me Boegiboe in person, I will probably giggle.

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