No one is criticizing Rush Limbaugh’s business acumen

Or questioning the extent of his audience. Or his talent for talk radio. Or any of that stuff.

I mean, seriously.

The point – restated here with more patience than I could ever muster under similar circumstances – is that he’s an awful spokesperson for the movement, a polarizing figure who turns off independents and dissident righties, and that, having annointed himself Keeper of the Sacred Texts of the One True Faith (No R.I.N.O.s in these Gospels!), he continues to quash any hint of original thinking.

But other than that, he’s a great entertainer.

On a related note, Conor Friedersdorf’s thoughts on the subject are not only worth reading, he’s also won the highly-coveted “best title for a blog post” award for the month of May.

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3 thoughts on “No one is criticizing Rush Limbaugh’s business acumen

  1. One of the great things about America that still exists, except in ways the old media attempts to control messages at time, is the free market of ideas — every can compete to get their message out and the people decide who they want to listen to and follow. Limbaugh does his thing, bloggers do theirs, Keith Olberman does his, Jon Stewart does his, Garofalo (sp?) does hers, and so on — it’s a wonderful competition.

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