Friday Jukebox: It’s Gonna Be A Long Night

Ween-Its Gonna Be a Long night

As you might have guessed, I’m a huge poetry fan. I like the subtlety of language in the hands of masters. For example:

“Don’t call your mother,
don’t call your priest,
don’t call your doctor,
call the police,
you bring the razor blade,
I’ll bring the speed,
take off your coat,
it’s gonna be a long night.

You’re gonna suffer,
you’re gonna bleed,
I’ve heard it all before,
you will concede,
I’m taking everything,
you’re going down,
lock up your doors,
it’s gonna be a long night.”

That’s Ween doing “It’s Gonna Be A Long Night.” It is a perfect song to end a miserable week.

Fair warning to those playing this at the office: the volume on that embedded video is a bit low. Maximize your computer’s volume before playing, then maximize speakers if you’ve got them.

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