Make It Four

Okay, this was outed in the comments on Will’s post, so I’ll just put it here where everyone can see.

One of the reasons (there are several) that I have done so little posting around here lately is the impending birth of the fourth member of the League of Ordinary Gentlings (although I think there are technically five…). I think we’ll call him Ringo.

I say “him” because that’s the case: he’s a boy. He’s due March 2.

Last night, the wife found a great way to put something that I find myself asked about when I reveal this news: “For some people, it takes a while to get pregnant. For some people… it doesn’t.” That’s really about the size of it.

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15 thoughts on “Make It Four

  1. Yay! Hooray. Congrats! Etc.

    And I know there are a couple of other Ordinaries with small children, though a wee bit older than this cohort. I will leave them to name themselves, if they’re so inclined, but there’s a significant under-3 set forming.

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  2. Congrats! So who is in our new super duper club? Russ, Will, myself, Ryan… is there indeed a 5th?

    We also had the quick pregnancy. We tried for a month. Didn’t get it. Said, “Maybe we should wait.” Boom. Mucus plug.

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