Float, goddamn you.

Float, goddamn you.
Float, goddamn you.
Donald K. Ryan, Oil, 60″ x 36″

I have mentioned previously that my father grew up in Jersey City, the son of Irish immigrants; that he was a Marine Corps officer; a surfer; and a doctor, now retired. I have not told you that he is also a painter.

The above Float, goddmamn you. is more whimsical than most of his canvases, but is characteristic in the use of color, brush technique, and composition.

When I was about nine my father started taking macrame courses. This struck me and my sister as odd, like a scene in a movie where one of the characters is later revealed to have a brain tumor. He moved from macrame to stained glass, and then settled on painting, which he has done steadily now for nearly 40 years, producing hundreds, if not thousands of works.

Float, goddamn you. is currently on exhibition at the San Diego Art Institute in Balboa Park in San Diego, California.

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