Russia Gets One Of These Every Hundred Years Or So

So a meteor struck in the middle of a town in southern Russia yesterday. The Beeb has some pretty cool video. Well, it wasn’t very cool if you were one of the people who was injured by windows blowing out or part of a building getting knocked down.

But at least as an abstraction, come on, a meteor strike. Dude! It looks like the cookie monster came and ate a part of that brick wall.

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12 thoughts on “Russia Gets One Of These Every Hundred Years Or So

  1. Actually, under communism the Russians couldn’t even get a good meteor strike. ^_^

    Now that private individuals can print T-shirts saying “I survived the Chelabynsk meteor”, the heavens rain down.

    But if this doesn’t give the people of the Earth a wake-up call about the dangers of global warming, I don’t know what will.

    *waits for some media pundit to spout off again*

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