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“An African-American President with Muslim roots stands before the Muslim world and defends the right of Jews to a nation of their own in their ancestral homeland, and then denounces in vociferous terms the evil of Holocaust denial, and right-wing Israelis go forth and complain that the President is unsympathetic to the housing needs of settlers. Incredible, just incredible.”  ~ Jeffrey Goldberg

I’ve really enjoyed a lot of Goldberg’s writing lately.  His recent piece on investing in the Atlantic was a joy to read.  He’s generally a sane and moderate voice on the Israel/Palestine front and especially in regards to the settlers.  He can be a bit hot-headed at times, but I of all people can’t begrudge him that.  So, on this matter, I may have to part ways with Freddie to some degree.  Overall, I think Goldberg is generally a pretty smart, necessary voice in this debate.

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