A Happy BAD Day

I interrupt the League’s normal conversational blogging to participate in a grand, two year old tradition of the blogosphere: Blogroll Amnesty Day.   The story of the tradition is best told by others, most notably Jon Swift and skippy the bush kangaroo.  But the bottom line is that today is a day to celebrate all the little blogs who fight for attention in the dark corners of the blogosphere.

Because of how beautifully and quickly this site has taken off, it makes it a particularly good vehicle for this day in a way that my old humble abode could not be.  Alas, the nature of this site makes an extensive blogroll rather impossible to maintain, but that does not mean that we ignore our fellow travellers in these dark corners of the blogosphere.

So, without further ado….

For starters, there is our good friend Libby at the Impolitic who shares this site’s hope for an eventual kind of Blogtopia.

Then of course, there’s the invaluable crew at the Newshoggers, including this piece in which Cernig displays his characteristic Scotsman’s skepticism about the success of the recent elections in Iraq.

Honorary Ordinary Will at Dispatches synthesizes our ongoing thread on Roe v. Wade with Peter Hitchens’ recent verbal assault on homosexuality and expresses skepticism at the thought of neutral political arrangements on cultural issues.

The always-informative Max Socol at Some Political offers up some conflicted opinions on the issue of the alleged use of white phosphorus by Israeli troops in the recent Gaza campaign.

The pensive William Bradford takes on pop-Darwinism (as opposed to actual Darwinism) and questions its practical usefulness.

Ezra of the libertarian(ish) Popehat bemoans the fall of local socialism (no, really).

And, last but by no means least, occasional contributor to my old site and good friend Tony of Rolling Doughnut takes both parties to task for their behavior on the stimulus.

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