America’s Back, Baby!

In the context of my other post on Sullivan I wanted to highlight something else he penned recently:

“This is why we elected Obama. To bring America back. To defend this country without betraying its core principles.”

I’m not sure what bothers me more–that Sullivan doesn’t seem to think the wanton incidental killing of civilians abroad goes against our country’s core principles, or that “bringing America back,” by which he means “an end to torture,” is an event worthy of celebration rather than one of the lowest tests of moral credibility that any national government should have to pass.

Then again, Sullivan also jumped over himself to praise the President for simply not starting another war in the Middle East (Shhhhhh, don’t tell him about Libya).

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14 thoughts on “America’s Back, Baby!

  1. I dunno, I think rolling back torture, even if imperfectly and incrimentally is worth applauding. I’d also say that Libya so far is striking me as a pretty bright light in the pantheon of American international interventions. If I was president I’d be pretty content to have a Libya (Bengazi and all) under my best. Also I would not get involved with Syria for the record.

    But you are technically correct; Libya was definitly a new war in the middle east. A relatively cheap, short and successful one but a war nonetheless.

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  2. But Ethan, Libya wasn’t a war, because of reasons.

    I think the failure of Obama to “bring America back” in any meaningful sense highlights one of the problems with Obama – so much of the “national security” expansion post 9-11 is now part of the bipartisan consensus.

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