Slightly tardy Tuesday questions, inconceivable edition

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This week’s Question comes to you courtesy of NewDealer.  Take it away, amigo:

“I have two Tuesday question submissions that come from a reoccurring theme in my life.

I am not a fan of the Princess Bride. I think it is a cute enough movie but this still causes a ton of gasps and shock and awe because it is apparently the best movie ever made (to seemingly everyone in the universe except me). This often gets people to tell me that I have no soul or am dead and a zombie. During a recent conversation about this on my facebook feed I learned.

1. A lot of people seem to make a distinction between “movies” (purpose: entertainment) and “film” (art). I do not make this distinction and it never occurred to me to do so.

2. That it is reasonable for a person around my age to have seen the Princess Bride and regard it as a classic but to have never seen Citizen Kane, Jules and Jim, The Conformist because the Princess Bride is “modern American pop culture” (I suppose this one makes sense).

So this produces three questions in my mind:

1. What are universally loved pieces of pop culture that do nothing for you? (Because I would love company on this one).

2. Does it make sense to categorize between culture meant for entertainment and culture meant as art and have different judgment standards? (I suspect I am in the minority here)

3. What is a piece of culture that you wished people knew more about?”

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