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Fundraising Drive (July 2013)

Well, it looks like things are humming along now. The comments are fixed and Disqus is a thing of the past. I continue to tinker and make improvements and fiddle with various whatsits and whosits and your feedback remains crucially important to that process (even if we ultimately don’t act on it….)I’m back to pester everyone for their donations. If you enjoy the content here at the newly branded Ordinary Times, please consider sending a few dollars. It really does help. Just click on the Donate button above if you’d like to contribute.Much obliged. 
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9 thoughts on “Fundraising Drive (July 2013)

  1. Now I feel entitled to an opinion. Be careful what you wish for.

    As much as the new site has grown on me, accessing it on my mobile device sucks. Just sayin.

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