The League of Ordinary Fantasy Football: 2013 Season

Heads up! If you want to play in the Ordinary Times’ fantasy football league this year, follow this link.* We’re set for up to sixteen teams.

Your team will have 15 slots total. Each week, play one quarterback, one kicker, one defense, one running back, one tight end, three wide receivers, and one “flex” offensive position. Defenses and wide receivers are a little bit more important this year than last, so check out the point system before you set your draft.

We will have our draft on September 2. (The first NFL game this year will be Baltimore at Denver, on September 5.)

The autopick draft allows you to rank your player preferences beforehand and the computer picks for you. If there’s enough interest in having a “live” draft, we can do that by way of e-mail or posts. But I’ll only do it that way if that’s something that there’s strong support for, because it’s not always easy for everyone to do that sort of thing. For now, we’re on autopick so after you create your team, be sure to rank your preferred players on or before noon Pacific time on September 2. That’s something that we all should be able to do asynchronously and still be on an equal footing come draft day.

As we did last year, there will be unlimited waivers and trades for the first two weeks, after which you will be limited to two pickups from the waiver wire and two trades per week until the trade deadline of November 22

And as always, the biggest challenge anyone will face will be coming up with a clever name for her or his team.

I propose that the winner of the league be entitled to request a post on the subject of their choice from any of the writers on staff, which worked out pretty well the last time we offered that as a prize for a sports pool.

Good luck to everyone and see you on the fantasy gridiron!


* If the link doesn’t work or you encounter trouble joining the league, please let me know. Some problems, I can solve.

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