Fantasy Football Reminder

Hey all you NFL fans! Don’t forget to sign up for Ordinary Times’ fantasy football league this year, fantasy football league!

I hear a lot of agitation for a live draft. We can do that, if everyone will commit to a particular time to be available. We’ll do it on a Google Hangout if everyone can commit. It’s a good time, a fine opportunity for trash talk and bad poetry, and most of all, the ability for you to demonstrate why you, and not Jason Garrett, ought to be managing a NFL team!

Yeah, that’s right, I went there, throwing around some smack against the Cowboys. What, you don’t like it? Join the league and smack me down as hard as you can. I double-dog dare you.

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12 thoughts on “Fantasy Football Reminder

  1. It depends on the day that the draft will be whether I can commit to a live draft or not. I would have to know pretty soon so I can plan around it. If not I already have my strategy set out for the auto draft.

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  2. Burt,

    I recommend picking a life draft slot through Yahoo. That always works much better than going third party. And anyone who can’t make it can still set up an auto draft. Trying to build consensus will be impossible. Just do your best to pick a time that should be generally convenient and everyone will do their best to be available.

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