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“I’d gladly pay $5a month to have the NYT delivered to me via the magic of the Internet.  If this were 1995.  Back then, the prospect of getting “the best newspaper in the world” delivered to my house and office in electronic format that I could easily save and share would have been exciting. Fast forward a few years, though, and there’s an amazing array of great content available for free on the Web. The only limitation is my ability to find and read it all.” ~ James Joyner

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  1. are there organizations delivering the same consistent, breaking coverage as the nyt? even with the “amazing array” they’re a daily read for me, as i suspect they are for most here. also unaccounted for in this blurb is what mr. joyner will do once other newspapers begin to follow suit, as they undoubtedly will in the next few years. will he be a true new media pioneer and subsist off blog commentary alone? i doubt it.

    lost in all the snark about how “old-fashioned” it is to dare to charge readers for the service they are providing is the understanding that this model is not only workable but inevitable. newspapers have allowed themselves to be taken advantage of for the last 15 years because they did not understand how to interact with the internet. now they are catching up to an understanding that other media industries reached years ago: charge for it.

    a better question to be asking ourselves is what we’ll do when google starts charging for email.

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