Mon Tiki Seeks Crew: Itinerary Update


Poor Allen. He signed on for the toughest part of the trip. Hopefully the going from here on out will be easier!

So then, an update on where Mon Tiki expects (hopes) to be, and when, over the next seven weeks:

I will be back aboard Mon Tiki in Norfolk on or about December 17 with the hope of heading towards Beaufort NC around the 19th or 20th, and heading southward from there, coastwise or in the ICW as weather allows. I would welcome crew during this period, for a day, or longer, as your schedule and enjoyment of my company allows. Nothing about this portion of the trip should be especially taxing.

My family will join me from about December 29 through Jan 4; and we hope Mon Tiki will be somewhere between St. Augustine and Port Canaveral FLA by the end of our time together.

The next week I will be moving the boat southward, hoping to make Miami by mid-Janurary. Again, I would welcome crew during this period, and weather willing the going should be easy. Let’s say Jan. 5th through the 15th, more or less.

My friend, publicist, mast-builder and some-time Mon Tiki deckhand Jennifer Richards joins for a week in mid/late January. We will be scheming on the 2014 season, plus maybe a book idea, plus getting Mon Tiki to the Keys. She’ll fly home around the 22nd. After that if you wanted to come hang out, sail and do some boat work, you’d be welcome.

Of course all subject to wind and tide. If you can’t figure out how to get in touch absent my putting contact info in this post, you’re not smart enough or enterprising enough to sail on Mon Tiki!

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