Monday Trivia #148 [Chris wins!]

Pennsylvania has the most with a hundred or two shy of 2,000. New York, Texas, Ohio, Illinois, and North Carolina have over 1,000.

The following, in order, have between 100 and 1000: Michigan, California, Alabama, Wisconsin, (Iowa, Missouri), Minnesota, Oklahoma, New Jersey, Kentucky, Arkansas, Tennessee, Virginia, Florida, Kansas, Georgia, South Carolina, Mississippi, Washington, West Virginia, Louisiana, Nebraska, Massachusetts, Maine, Colorado, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Maryland, Montana, Arizona, Connecticut, New Mexico, New Hampshire, Vermont, Utah, Idaho, Alaska, Wyoming

The following, in order, have fewer than 100: Nevada, Rhode Island, Delaware, Hawaii, and finally DC (which is the only state/district with fewer than 10).

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34 thoughts on “Monday Trivia #148 [Chris wins!]

  1. I looked up state with the most zip codes (thinking that might be the answer), and found 3 sources, one of which said Texas, one of which said California, and one of which said New York. Argh. Well, at least none said PA.

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