Bookclub News: Orbiloquy

We’ll be kicking off Terry Pratchett’s Small Gods next Thursday (the 23rd). For now, just a few blegs and announcements.

First, I’ve come up with a simple way to figure and post page numbers for whatever edition you happen to have. When you have the copy you’ll be reading, post a comment to this post listing:

  • Something that identifies it, say publisher name and the year it was printed.
  • The page where the book’s first sentence (Now consider the tortoise and the eagle.) appears.
  • The page where the books’ last sentence appears.

That’ll let me fill in a spreadsheet to give approximate (within one or two) start and end pages for each week’s reading, which, together with the actual first and last sentences for each section, should keep us all together. (If you have an E-book, no need for page information; you can just search for the sentences. If you’ll be listening to an audiobook, I have no idea what to tell you. But be sure to get an unabridged version.)

Next, the plan is to read about 30 pages a week, which will let us finish in about 12 weeks. If this seems to you like too much or too little, please say so.

Last, while I volunteer to recap the first section, the more people get involved, the better. By next week I’ll have a list of the sections, and everyone (by which I mean, well, everyone) is highly encouraged to sign up for one, or two, or more. In fact, if we have multiple recappers for a section, that will be awesome.

Please do be so kind as to share this post.

6 thoughts on “Bookclub News: Orbiloquy

  1. I’ve got an electronic copy on hold at the library… And I know we have a copy here in the house somewhere. I would be up for reading more than 30 pages a week… And, I will absolutely defer to your preferences. I am so looking forward to the conversation!!

    (And, I’m rereading A Hat Full of Sky, inspired by Morat20 describing it as majestic last week…)

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