Bad Attorney Advertistements, Part 4

I feel really bad for Roger Orlando of the Orlando Law Firm. This is actually a pretty typical lawyer commercial and would be completely unremarkable, except it kind of… sags in the middle of the pitch:

There’s a bit of a meta-question that ATL proposes that maybe this was a deliberate maneuver to spread word-of-mouth about the ad, on the idea that there is no such thing as bad publicity. If so, mission accomplished. But this maneuver is not the sort of thing that inspires confidence in an attorney.

Hey, I can see getting flustered in front of a camera in a way that I might not get flustered in front of a jury. So let’s cut the guy a slackburger for blowing the delivery. But what I can’t figure out is why he didn’t do a second take so he could look a bit more confident and in control. Or were the rest of the takes worse? Couldn’t be.

Hat tips to Above the Law and Barstool Sports for the video. You can see parts 1-3 of this series, and a few other random musings about failures from the world of advertising, back at the old-school “Not A Potted Plant Classic” blog.)

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20 thoughts on “Bad Attorney Advertistements, Part 4

  1. Has there ever been a good attorney advertisement on TV?

    The best ones are really mediocre or servicable at best. I’m thinking Binder and Binder and Jacoby and Meyers.

    The best attorney ads I see tend to be printed in glossy print magazines like New York as “Superlawyer” supplements or by having nice websites.

    TV ads seem to fall into the local TV ad problem which seems to be an iron rule that all local advertisement is going to be cheesy, corny, and poorly produced even if for a very successful and profitable business.

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