Monday Trivia No. 154 [Alan Scott wins!]

Harrison Ford, Sandra Bullock, Steve Martin, Mark Wahlberg, Jack Nicholson, Will Smith, Colin Farrell, David Arquette, Daniel Day-Lewis, Paul Rudd.

…I could go on. In fact, the next entry on the list ought to be reasonably ascertainable. Two possibilities exist; either will win this week’s puzzle. So, who’s next?

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18 thoughts on “Monday Trivia No. 154 [Alan Scott wins!]

  1. Here’s your Tuesday hints a bit early (I’m going to be really busy tomorrow anyway): “Two possibilities exist” — both are male. One man is dead, the other man is not. Once you figure out the rule behind the puzzle, identifying both should be a trivially easy exercise.

    Wesley Snipes would appear on this list, but much further down. Everyone else thus far mentioned (Kevin Bacon, Harlan Ellison, and Randy Quaid) would not appear on the list at all.

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