Announcing Leaguefest 2014: Washington, DC May 30 – June 1


After previous gatherings in Vegas and Chicago, this year’s gathering will continue our trajectory Eastward,* landing us in that place of institutional grift and glory: Washington, DC. It will be held the week after Memorial Day weekend, May 30 – June 1.

For a community that first gathered to discuss politics, I think you’d have to agree that meeting in DC just seems right. If you’re an Ordinary Times liberal, you can come and bask in the town that gave Americans the Affordable Care Act.  If you’re an OT conservative, with any luck you’ll be here for the House’s 100th vote to repeal it.**  And if you’re an OT libertarian, well, know that DC has some really fabulous restaurants.

Although the exact itinerary has yet to be determined, this year will be similar to past Leaguefests: Drinks on Friday evening, a dinner on Saturday evening, and some tourist-y options during the days.  Previous year’s daytime activities have included such things as going to an aquarium, a pinball museum, and a Cubs game, shaking Russell’s faith in humanity with a walk down the Las Vegas strip, and, of course, what will no doubt always remain Leaguefest’s crowning jewel: a sailing trip on Lake Michigan captained by our very own Angela.

In the next week or so, we’ll look to reserve a block of rooms at a nice but affordable hotel.  So if you live in DC (or know it well), let us know in the comments section if you have any recommendations about hotels or even parts of town we might want to gather.  Also, tell us if you have recommendations/wishes regarding restaurants, bars, or activities.

I very much hope to see you all there.  It should be a blast.



* Next year we will either need to stop lurching to the East, or have Leaguefest in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Which, now that I think about it, might actually work.

** Little known House of Reps fun fact: Because of an arcane House rule dating back to the 19th century, after you’ve voted on something 100 times, you get your 101st vote free!


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44 thoughts on “Announcing Leaguefest 2014: Washington, DC May 30 – June 1

  1. Dude!
    The cherry blossom festival is March 20 through April 13. Assuming the weather is nice, that’s the best time to go. It’s liable to be hotter and stickier in June.

    Maybe I’ll come down and spout random libertarian and anarchist phrases just to piss off yall :)

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  2. I told Jaybird that I was going to be too exhausted to go anywhere, even for Leaguefest, but he should go, and he said, “I’m only going if that’s when they send me to Annapolis,” ’cause he’s exhausted too.

    Of course, if they DO send him to Annapolis, we’ll probably both come, because I’ll be lonely….

    *dreaming of teleporters*

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  3. Damn I wish I could be there. It would be a big stretch this year for me, unfortunately. Mrs. Likko and I are taking a week to ourselves out of town, only two weeks before this for our tenth anniversary.

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  4. Wish I could but we will be picking up my husbands kiddos for the summer right about then and well they take precedence. Would really love to get back to DC How about out in the Midwest one year Oklahoma anyone Tod you could visit your sister. Or Louisville then I could meet Mike D and get to visit my sister

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  5. I am going to try very, very hard to make it to this one. Wife will not be attending because school will still be in session until mid-June (snow days have REALLY piled up this year). I have been told that I must submit a budget to the finance committee and they will give their approval based on available funding. Of course, the committee only consists of one person who just happens to be going to New Orleans with her girlfriends when said school year ends so…I can always play that card.

    As for the move eastward, let’s face it folks, the east coast is the best coast. With that said, I would welcome a trip to Portland. Once that trip is complete, having also been to Portland, ME, I can finally and truthfully sing the words to my favorite song,

    “I’ve traveled o’er this country wide seeking fortune fair
    Up and down the two coast lines I’ve traveled everywhere
    From Portland East to Portland West back along the line

    I’m going now to the place that’s best that old hometown of mine

    Eight more miles and Louisville will come into my view
    Eight more miles on this old road and I’ll never more be blue
    I knew some day that I’d come back I knew it from the start
    Eight more miles to Louisville the hometown of my heart

    There’s bound to be a gal somewhere that you like best of all
    Mine lives down in Louisville she’s long and she is tall
    But she’s the kind that you can’t find a traveling through the land
    I’m on my way this very day to win her heart and hand

    Now I can picture in my mind a place we’ll call our home
    A humble little hut for two we’ll never want to roam
    The place that’s right for that love sight is in those bluegrass hills
    Where gently flows the Ohio by a place called Louisville”

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