Monday Trivia, No. 157 [Michael Cain wins!]

I give you ten nouns: bobcat, cougar, eagle, falcon, hawk, jaguar, lion, panther, tiger, wildcat. That’s an alphabetical list.

But each animal has a corresponding number. Rank them from the highest number to the smallest number.




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17 thoughts on “Monday Trivia, No. 157 [Michael Cain wins!]

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      Nofrag sebz gur yvfg bs znfpbgf jvgu 100+ uvtu fpubbyf vapyhqr: 49ref, nagrngref, nneqinexf, onanan fyhtf, oebapbf, pbeny, qbycuvaf, wrgf, cnpxref, “frnunjxf,” gbegbvfrf, naq mroen.

      Pbzr gb guvax bs vg, ner pneqvanyf pneaviberf? Gurl bayl rng tehof, jbezf, naq vafrpgf, evtug?

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  1. I’m going to give the win here, because got the right order first. While got exactly the right answer and the right reason why, the phrasing of the question was simply to sort the list entries in the right order, which did first.

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  2. Is there a link to a site which descrambles the comments? And since people do this on a regular basis, could someone please put a link to the translator somewhere on the front page?

    Incoherently yrs,

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