Re: Errors in Opinions

To the extent that the various sections of the opinions were originally incomplete or represented earlier drafts as originally posted, the issue was clerical and inadvertent; the fault therefor rests with me alone. On the real SCOTUS, there are a lot more circulations and more chances to catch errors, and even after publication the opinions don’t become official until the public has had a chance to work with them for about eighteen months, to catch more errors. We do things a little bit faster in the blogoverse, because we like to keep things timely with the news.

Apologies to my Brother and Sister Justices for errors and to our commentariat for any inconvenience.

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2 thoughts on “Re: Errors in Opinions

  1. I really appreciate that you did this, even though I’m grieved by your outcome; I suspect it will, sadly, reflect the SCOTUS decision.

    In particular, a big shout out to Tim, who probably knew I’d be difficult. I respect that we have profound differences, and am comforted that they are each rooted in serious moral consideration. Thank you, Tim.

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