Cutest Squatter in D.C.

Remember reading about the big winner of the Great Government Shutdown of 2013? Well, he’s still living in his new home despite the best efforts of the landlord to evict him.

Enjoy your weekend!

Burt LikkoBurt Likko is the pseudonym of an attorney in Southern California. His interests include Constitutional law with a special interest in law relating to the concept of separation of church and state, cooking, good wine, and bad science fiction movies. Follow his sporadic Tweets at @burtlikko, and his Flipboard at Burt Likko.

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8 thoughts on “Cutest Squatter in D.C.

  1. I’m going to wager this guy is one of the foxes that used to live on the golf course at Hains’ Point (more or less near the Jefferson Memorial, IIRC) whose home I was known to semi-regularly disrupt with wayward drives.

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