Leaguefest Update!

Leaguefest commences this weekend!

If you are coming or think that you might come, please let me know this week, either in the comments section or by email.  To date, confirmations I know of include myself, Mark T, Jason K, Boegiboe, Vikram, Conor, Will Truman, Clancy, Phillip H, and Miss Mary.  Those who have at one points said that they might attend but have not yet confirmed are Rose and Damon.

On Wednesday I will be sending out a group email to everyone who I know is coming; I will also ask for phone numbers from those folks.  If you haven’t been to Leaguefest in the past, we do this because we are a casual go-with-the-flow crowd rather than agenda sticklers.  Things can change on the fly, and sometimes smaller groups decide to venture out and do separate activities for a while, but still want to meet up with the crowd later.  If for whatever reason you plan on attending but do not want to be on the email or phone list, please let me know.

Oh, and I hope this goes without saying, but if you’re in the DC area and haven’t/don’t RSVP and still want to show up to any or all of the events, please do.  We would love to see you.

Here is our itinerary as it stands:

Friday, May 30, Evening

 Bar Charlie, 7:30 —  Adams Morgan Neighborhood | 1825 18th St. NW

We’ll start at Bar Charlie; who knows where we’ll end up by the end of the evening.


Saturday, May 31, Daytime

National Museum of American History, 10:30 am — 14th Street and Constitution Avenue, NW

This was the most requested day event, and that’s perhaps fitting — it sort of feels the most OT-ish.  We will meet at the museum at 10:00 and explore.  Those that attend will no doubt have lunch together somewhere near the museum.  The museum is free.

The mid-late afternoon I am leaving open, since there seemed to be little consensus as to what other things people wished to do.  Those that attend the museum can go their own ways, or decide as a group where to go next — other museums, walking tour of the capital, seedy underground bar, brothel, whatever.  We’ll let others know whats up in case non-museum goers decide to join in.


Saturday, May 31, Evening

Doi Moi, 7:30  –  Logan Circle Neighborhood | 1800 14th St. NW


Woodward Table, 7:30 — 1426 H Street NW

Two restaurants that seemed popular — Founding Farmers and Central Michael Richards — ended up being too popular to accommodate my skills at procrastination; neither could take a party of over either with only a month notice.

Dio Moi seems the popular choice left, but they will only take tables of eight, and since they operate on a waiting list we would all be hang drinks for a bit before being seated.  Woodward Table can accommodate all of us, and we have a reservation.  Doing the drinks while waiting for a table is a pretty common Portland thing, as is splitting tables, so I am very happy with that but if that’s going to make it a deal killer for others I’d rather not go that route.

If you have any preference at all, please let me know.  If not, I’ll probably ask everyone again on Friday and then call to either confirm or cancel with Woodward Table.


Looking forward to seeing you all!


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19 thoughts on “Leaguefest Update!

  1. I’m in town Sunday as well. I really want to see like every inch of the Smithsonian, the National Mall, The Capitol, and of course I’ll need a pedicure when I’m done. :) So much to see, so little time!!!

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  2. I am gonna miss being there terribly. I’ve met more than half the confirmed participants IRL at past Leaguefests so this feels a bit like skipping a reunion. I’ll particularly miss meeting Vikram. Have a great time, friends.

    Lurkers and others who may be in the area, overcome whatever shyness you may have and get in touch with Our Tod. This is a great bunch of people who are socially ept and interested in you. And a good meal and a good agenda.

    You won’t regret making time to make friends In meatworld with this crew. I guarantee it.

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  3. I think the OT crowd would love the Newseum. Unfortunately, it is not free. But it is worth the cost of admission. It’s just off the mall.

    The Museum of Crime and Punishment is also very cool. Also not free. Located by the Verizon Center.

    I’ve heard good things about the Spy Museum, but have not attended.

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  4. We… may end up with a little one with us. She is well-behaved and we will take appropriate steps if she makes herself a distraction. My sister-in-law and us hadn’t realized that this event would conflict her her trip to Tanzania.

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