Revolutions Reminder!

For anyone not going to Leaguefest this weekend, it’s the final Friday of the month, which means it’s ALSO time for the Mindless Diversions Listening Club again.

We had a great time on our inaugural run last month. Hopefully this time the technical end will go a little smoother (as usual, pro tip – if it ain’t working, log out and back in).

If you haven’t already gotten the invite and would like to come, drop me a line in comments and I’ll add you to the invite.

Event info can be found in the first link above. I am modifying the rules slightly, based on our experience last time.

Let’s limit our selections to an hour max, and if you want to go with less (a single song, or an album side), that’s also fine.

Just come prepared with a decent copy of whatever you want to play available on YouTube, and something to say about it.

To Slade: as a founding member who just couldn’t catch a break last time, if you show up, you can go first; after that, we’ll draw straws again.

No guarantee to anyone that comes that you’ll get picked; but my personal guarantee that you’ll have a good, and progressively-drunker time.

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21 thoughts on “Revolutions Reminder!

  1. @slade-the-leveller @reformed-republican

    I will be a couple minutes late, on purpose. I want to see if the Hangout organizer has to be there, for the Hangout to get started/run (I don’t think so, but supposedly my Google account is what gets us 15 slots instead of the usual 10, so Google must be doing SOMETHING specific to me). Slade, just jump on in with your selection, or if Slade isn’t there then someone else go for it.

    If it won’t start, get a drink and I’ll be there in 5-10 minutes. Talk to y’all tonight!

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